About the Farm


In 2017 our family began a search for a piece of land where we could live out our dreams of becoming a sustainable small farm. We stumbled onto a place that had been owned by a family that not only had like qualities, but just happen to also share the same name.

Our search had ended, we found our home. 

Having no prior land or farming experience we quickly began learning the ropes from chickens to planting. The farm was well on it's way to becoming a place to share with others in ways we had envisioned for years. 

Although having a small farm was always in the "to do list", building a hopyard and growing hops was not. This idea came from a friend who had a love for craft beer and discovered there was a need for farm fresh to brew. 

Hops in Florida? Well no, not historically. Though it was being done successfully so we took a chance and gave it our best. Today we have 5 different varieties that surpassed all our expectations and we are proud to have fresh grown Florida hops to offer to home brewers and breweries.  

In addition to hops we are raising the hoppiest free range chickens on earth. Our chickens are hugged daily and provide the farm so much life and entertainment we couldn't imagine doing this without them. In return for providing them a spacious orchard to free range in, they provide us with the most nutritious and delicious eggs we've ever tasted. (We aren't biased, not at all)

Our vision is to expand our fresh offerings from our growing orchard and gardens and be able to share the uniqueness of what makes this place so special. 

We love Fox Valley Farm and we know you will too, it's our mission to make sure of it. 

In honor of all things good, 

The Fox Family